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Meet Amy

Published on 21 November 2018 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Testimonials

Amy* went from receiving no responses throughout several months of applying to getting 4 tech interviews from Lyft, Google, Mckinsey in as fast as 2 weeks. She then got an offer at a digital market research and consulting firm and managed to take a 25-day break before her new job in tech started in December.

Background: Californian working in New York at a premium cable network for Digital Marketing

How She Got a Job in Tech Through Bessy’s Programs: Amy decided to join Bessy’s programs to get the insider knowledge and emotional support she needed to get into tech.

Results: Amy got interviews with Lyft within 2 weeks, Google within 3 months, and Mckinsey within 1 months of submitting her applications. She transformed her approach to her  interview preparation and was not afraid to ask for what she wanted from her career. Amy got an offer at market research and consulting firm.

“I’ve always been motivated. Always wanted to do more and I want to learn more. “

Amy is originally from California but she moved to New York City after college to gain more work experience. She knew she wanted to get into tech for over a year because of its culture, pace, and most importantly people’s ambitions of continuously growing and challenging the status quo.

She realized that her learning had slowed down in the past 2 years while working in marketing and witnessed her own health deteriorate over the past three years due to her overall stress and dissatisfaction from current and past jobs.

“If I’m not learning then I might as well go back home and live with my family where everything is calmer,” she said.

However, she needed a trigger to really make the move.

The moment she knew she needed to leave

A new AVP started at Amy’s company and Amy quickly realized that she won’t get the support she needed to get promoted in the company.

“When you see the VP of your team just not care about your job and not care about your personal growth, then what’s the point?”

On top of that, Amy had other issues that accumulated over the past few years that made her feel frustrated. She...:

  • Didn’t learn a lot in the past two years
  • Worked on weekends covering for coworkers
  • Witnessed a work culture where being ambitious was almost seen as a threat

That night, job hunting became her #1 priority.

Applying for jobs in tech but just getting crickets

Amy started  applying for jobs in tech but got  no responses. The only responses she got from companies in the retail sector due to her past experience.

She knew she wasn’t doing anything wrong, as she had extensive experience in being interviewed for her previous companies in cosmetics/e-commerce, and entertainment.

The challenge she faced was that she didn’t know that  tech is a completely different industry and that there are certain things that recruiters are  looking for that she didn’t demonstrate in her resume. And yet, Bessy saw potential and knew she had those skill sets based on her past experiences.

Adjusting a resume that got here an interview with Lyft

Bessy and Amy spent 3 hours across 2 weekends revamping her resume. They walked through her background from start to finish and added data points that would resonate with tech companies and recruiters.

After the revamp, Amy immediately got an interview request from Lyft within 2 weeks, whereas normally it took her 6 months to get one tech interview.

“Finding a job I wanted was really hard”

Amy continued hunting for new job opportunities with Bessy’s guidance. However like a lot of job seekers, Amy responded to a lot of the recruiters reaching out asking her to get on a recruitment call.

She turned frantic and busy and wondered why there wasn’t a job that she wanted in the market.

But instead of giving into the frustration, she listened to Bessy and became proactive. Instead of responding to LinkedIn messages, she started looking for companies that had everything she wanted.

Bessy would always say "don't just take the job just to take the job" and I'm like but I want to a job! I just want to get out you know. um, You kept reminding me this is what we're looking for, this is what we talked about in the beginning, and that was really helpful.

Not only did Bessy guide Amy to look beyond her company, she guided her to understand more about the possibilities of internal transfers since Amy’s longer term goal was to move internationally.

Acing the interviews

As Amy went  through interview preps with Lyft, Google, Amazon, airline companies, Mckinsey, and more, Bessy guided her to be more reflective on her past achievements and really understand what the companies are looking for in the specific role.

Bessy and Amy worked together on a project basis for those interviews which really helped Amy be less nervous during interviews. Bessy had specific knowledge to the tech industry and helped frame the types of questions that could be asked.

“I already had it in the Google doc and pulled out all this information. It helped me become much more prepared with the process”

She had the answers they prepped for saved and could always reference it back when another interview came up.

“It was all in one place for me to look at versus like instead of me doing it, you know, a couple of days before the interview or starting from scratch.“

Getting what she wanted in the end

Amy had a lot of practice before a recruiter from a market research and consulting firm reached out to her. Instead of stopping there, she asked for what she wanted.

She asked to speak to more contacts to understand the role in more depth instead of just settling with the contacts she  got to speak to in the interviews.

“I used to not ask because I felt intrusive”

But Bessy guided Amy to always ask - because you never know what the answer may be. In the end, nobody is going to understand what you want unless you ask for it because the companies can’t read your mind. The companies want you to be happy in the role as much as you can fill their headcount to solve their business problem.

In the very last interview with the hiring manager, Amy really addressed what she wanted and asked for 1. an international transfer to London for her mid-term goals and 2. a month-long break before her new job started.

In the end, she got both and managed to travel around Europe before she started the job in December!

*Amy is an alias

About the Author

Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps busy professionals get into their dream non-tech job in tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Lyft, Amazon, Babbel, & More. She currently works at Google in Chicago.


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