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Caitlin: Dream Job at Facebook During Coronavirus (from Consulting Background)

Published on 5 April 2020 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Testimonials

Caitlin shares her story today about how she used my interview prep program to land her dream job at Facebook for a Program Manager role. 

Most importantly, she did all this during the Coronavirus outbreak, when other industries were laying off employees.

She worked at a consulting firm for 5 years but knew she wanted a career change.

Her dream career included driving a bigger impact globally and seeing a project she can personally own through to the end. In addition to having a great salary, being able to work with diverse minds, and having a fantastic work-life-balance in a great company. Which she did!

Previously, she's also gotten multiple interviews at various tech companies like LinkedIn, Uber, and Facebook but ended up not getting the offer. She wondered why she didn't get the jobs and figured out that she was:

  1. Approaching tech interviews the way the consulting interviews were conducted. (they're very different)
  2. Good enough to get herself in the door but couldn't  tell her story succintly and showcase that she was the best person for the role
  3. Not honing in on what the team really wants and needed

She saw a few of my videos previously and immediately took this opportunity. We leveraged the 1.5 week time period to understand her background and goals, prep a full 35-page Q&A doc (that predicted all the questions in the final interviews), and do 2 mock interviews . 

This led her to finally ace the interviews with the hiring manager and director and get the offer within a week. 

Most importantly, she performed her virtual interviews even during "shelter" throughout the coronavirus outbreak. This proves that tech is definitely the place to be. the only industry and market that's really growing when other companies are quickly laying off employees

Watch the video here, or keep scrolling down for her story in her own words:

In Caitlin's Own Words:

Hey, I'm Caitlin! I recently used Bessy's services to prep for a final round tech interview. I'm coming from a Management Consulting background and was looking to make a jump into a Program Management role.

I recently interviewed for a final around Program Manager role at Facebook.

The Challenges Trying to Get Into Tech From Consulting 

Coming from my background in Management Consulting:

  1. I was having difficulties identifying which people I should talk to you, who are the best people for the job in, and which experiences I should highlight. 
  2. Additionally, I was facing a challenge that consulting interviews are very different than tech interviews. And so I wanted to better understand the process from someone who really had that insider experience.
  3. Finally, I was really having some difficulties being able to fully connect with the interviewers, understand what they want, and really display confidence that I'm the right person for this job.

"I tried to solve this previously through attempting to network and talking to the right people, but I was continuously falling short of getting through the final rounds in interviews."

So I tried to solve this previously through attempting to network and talking to the right people, but I was continuously falling short of getting through the final rounds in interviews.

So I actually came across Bessy on LinkedIn through a mutual connection's post.

I had been thinking of working with a career coach or interview prep, but I was just having a difficult time having someone with the right experience that can helped me.

So Bessy's background really stood out to me because she had successfully made a career transition into tech.

And I really liked that she offered so many resources and training materials upfront. So it really gave me a better sense of her expertise and a head start on the interview prep.

The Interview Prep Program

Step 1: Identifying Her Goals & The Team's Goals

So when we really dove into things, Bessy and I first met to go through her structure and prep document that purely broke down each interview round and provided example questions.

She helped me to identify key goals around connecting my background to the role, understanding the team's needs and succinctly delivering information on my skill sets and previous experience.

We really tailored our approach in the program to talk through points and answers that would tell my story better and answer questions succinctly.

Step 2: Mock Interviews & Figuring Out Her "Why"

We had 2 major mock interview sessions and a final rapid-fire round right before I had the final interview. 

In the first round, we focused on honing my background in my why. So really developing a succinct story to explain why I'm interested in the role and in the company. 

Step 3: Final Hands-On Preparation with the 35-Page Google Doc 

Next, I worked offline to prep my behavioral answers in the Google Doc. She would provide direct feedback to my answers in the comments while I would further align my story. 

And then we were able to work together to talk through them and further hone them to really focus on the needs of the job role and again to have very succinct answers that were tailored to the job and the role.

"As a result, the Interviewers asked less clarifying questions and I was able to feel a lot more confident in my interviews"

I was able to feel a lot more confident in my interviews.

 I was much more prepared and I was able to, be more confident in my answers. This is cause I had already prepped a lot of the questions, I had already answered many of them in our reviews.

As a result, the interviewers asked less clarifying questions and we were able to save so much time in our interview loops that I could ask them more questions and really build more meaningful connections and rapports in that really short amount of interview time.

"This program is great for someone who knows that tech is a great fit for them and are looking to make a major career change"

So I think the service as a whole is great for anyone that's willing to take the time and effort to prep. And that already knows that tech is a great fit for them and are looking to make a major career change.

About the Author

Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps busy professionals get into their dream non-tech job in tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Lyft, Amazon, Babbel, & More. She currently works at Google in Chicago.


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