What if you could land your dream job in the BEST companies in the world, without technical skills, without an existing network, & without applying to 100+ jobs?

Soon you can. Land Your Dream Job in a Dream Company breaks down the secrets behind discovering the right role for you and beating the competition to land the job of your dreams:

  • How to find the right role fit that doesn't require coding or a computer science background
  • How to build a 1-2 targeted company and role list instead of applying to 100+ jobs and "seeing what sticks"
  • How to craft a stellar resume that helps you stand out among others with 10+ years more experience
  • How to land interviews as quickly as 1-2 weeks and get your foot in the door
  • How to build long term relationships and a network outside of your industry from scratch
  • How to validate a job and make sure its the right fit so you don't have to compromise your needs & values
  • How to answer behavioral questions and highlight the right experiences that hiring managers are looking for
  • How to negotiate a raise (& other perks like remote work) without feeling salesy or awkward

Stop "waiting for things to get better" and start giving yourself the career you deserve and lifestyle you want

Bessy's clients were able to land dream jobs in:

... and interviews at more

This step-by-step course includes everything you need to find and land your dream job in your dream company.

The course will provide a structured approach to walk you through the exact strategies, scripts, frameworks, real-world examples, and mindset-breakthroughs.

You'll learn how to: cut the line among thousands applicants, connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers, learn exactly what a team and role does, ace interviews, and transition into a new role and/or industry with the salary boost, work-life-balance, impactful and challenging work, optional travel opportunities, as well as the data-driven, collaborative, & smart working environment that you've always wanted

Michelle L.

Product Operations Lead, Apple

"I felt completely unknown when it came to a tech related role that I wanted to get into. I didn't really know how my finance experience job titles translated to the tech world. Once I had direction, I landed interviews with Stripe, Robinhood, Trulio, and Apple... Finally even during the COVID times, I signed the final offer with Apple... this role is 100% like stars aligned, I can see myself in this company long term"

Caitlin S

Program Manager, Facebook

"By going through the structure and prep document that purely broke down each interview round and provided example questions, I was able to be much more prepared and confident in my answers. The interviewers asked less clarifying questions and we were able to build meaningful connections & rapports"

Ebony L.

Account Executive, LinkedIn

"The overall process was very strategic. It helped me know more about myself - what I’m interested, what really fits me, and where I wanted to go."

Justin S.

Strategy and Operations, Avantstay

"I was able to find a job within a month even during the pandemic. I learned how to network and get referrals in the most efficient way, and I was able to gain confidence during this whole period to really help me excel during my interview process"

Chris S.

Product Manager, FastSpring

"The 90% of the questions asked were documented in the interview prep sheet. And through contract negotiations, the offer that I got was significantly higher than what was initially offered. So when I started working, I came in with a lot of confidence and understanding of my value immediately to deliver value"

Tolu A.

Process Engineer, Amazon

"My initial offer was 40% over the compensation at my then job. With Bessy's method, I was able to negotiate confidently and now I'm at 65% over "

what you get

What you'll get in Land Your Dream Job in a Dream Company

  • 15 bite-sized lessons across 4 modules to walk through the exact strategies Bessy works with her clients on in her $4000 All-in-One Premium Coaching Program
  • Live Resume Revamp video recordings with real clients to show you exactly how to translate your experiences to the right role & resume
  • Live mock interview video recordings with clients to show you how to answer the hardest behavioral and hypothetical questions
  • Real resumes, cover letters, and interview answers that landed 6-figure jobs, diagonal transitions, and relocations
  • Word-for-word scripts that will help you network with the right people, land referrals as quickly as 1-2 weeks, and learn exactly what the role entails
  • Word-for-word negotiation strategies that will helped my clients get on average a $50K+ salary increase
  • White-glove support to help you get the most out of Land a Job in Dream Companies 

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