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From Travel to Sortable then SalesForce – Laurie’s Story

Published on 27 November 2018 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Testimonials

Laurie knew she needed to make a change when she wasn’t looking forward to going to work anymore.  She approached Bessy knowing that tech companies had the exact criteria she needed in jobs that would suit Laurie, and they worked together to revamp Laurie’s resume and figure out which companies to talk to. Laurie applied to a select few jobs, only ended up accepting interviews with Hootsuite and Sortable, and eventually accepted the role at Sortable as an Account Executive.

After 1 year, she leveraged Bessy's strategies to land her dream role in SalesForce

Background: Associate Marketing Manager at Expedia, Toronto

How She Got a Job in Tech Through Bessy’s Programs: She decided to leverage Bessy’s tech specific knowledge and proactive approach to revamp her resume and make sure she’s top of mind for employers among all candidates.

Results: Laurie leveraged Bessy’s help to selectively and and strategically apply to jobs. Within 3 months, Laurie secured a job with an ad tech SaaS company that matched all of her criteria for an ideal role and company.

“It was just a cycle of wane and wax, wane and wax. It was when I was down more than I was up that I knew I got to make a change.”

Laurie wasn’t growing or learning at her job anymore. She was frustrated and stuck in her comfort zone.

She was a veteran at her previous company and knew the job inside and out.

Gradually, it became more and more difficult for Laurie to get up in the mornings and be excited to go to work. This was when she knew she needed to make a change.

For a while, Laurie tried to do it on her own

Laurie passively fired off her resume to maybe a hundred roles and just wasn’t hearing anything back.

“Without [Bessy], I would've tried multiple times now and become increasingly dejected because I felt like I wasn't the candidate any of these companies was looking for.”

It made her feel like maybe she didn’t have the qualifications needed to land a job. Laurie didn’t know how else to approach the job process since she’s only done it once before, over 4 years ago, and was at a loss about what else she could do.   

It was at this point that Laurie reached out to Bessy. By changing her approach to a proactive one under Bessy’s guidance, this made all the difference.

First Step: Building Her “Criteria List”

Bessy guided Laurie to start by coming up with a list of things that Laurie wanted in her next position. These were things that were important to her in a company.

Throughout the job search process, Laurie found this really helpful. Bessy would encourage Laurie to remember that at the same time companies were vetting Laurie as a candidate, she should be doing her part to ensure that the company is the right fit to her as well.

Armed with this criteria list, they were able to narrow down a list of ideal companies. Bessy and Laurie then worked together to tailor her resume by putting an emphasis on Laurie’s experiences and skill sets that made her a good candidate for these specific roles.

Second Step: The Resume Revamp

“Everyone knows that your resume should be very results-oriented but I didn't necessarily how to structure or phrase it in the best way possible.”

Bessy helped Laurie transform her resume in merely 2-3 hours by  adding elements of what exactly tech companies were looking for and how to make her resume more directed.

Laurie immediately got responses from the tech job market and proceeded to initiate strategic conversations that helped her learn more about the roles, team morale, vision, business challenges, and working style in the various companies.

Third Step: Pre-Interview Homework

“One thing that was really helpful was your encouragement to not wait for the right opportunity to come up necessarily but to start having those conversations with companies early”

With Bessy’s help, Laurie crafted the right questions to ask and identified the right people to target for conversations both online and among her network.

These conversations paid off big time.

Fourth Step: Getting Cross-Industry Offers

Laurie did not have prior experience in advertising technology nor Software as a Service (SaaS). By doing her due diligence on the companies to align her experiences and skill sets with the respective roles, Laurie demonstrated that she was a go-getter and convinced the companies that she was the right candidate for the job.

Laurie later found out that she was the only candidate who had proactively reached out to current employees to vet the companies during the job process. She learned to ask the right questions and was given actual company decks from the employees, which assisted in her interviews and presentations.

“When I started at my new jobs, I was approached by execs who had heard about and were impressed by my interview approach.”

Bessy’s Value

Bessy guided Laurie through the job process from start to finish, including help with the job search, interview process, contract negotiation and eventually acceptance.  Bessy continued to provide value by sharing tips and tricks on how to be successful in the role.

“If I stayed with my initial approach, I would 100% still be at my old job because I would still just be in the same cycle of passively trying and then thinking, “This isn’t working. No one wants to hire me! But with your help, I was able to land my ideal job on my first try!”

About the Author

Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps busy professionals get into their dream non-tech job in tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Lyft, Amazon, Babbel, & More. She currently works at Google in Chicago.


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