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From Non-Profit to Tech – Siobhan’s Story

Published on 25 February 2019 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Testimonials

Bessy's help has been tremendous. I couldn't be happier with what my resume looks like right now and I can't wait to share some bits of it with you all. Thank you so much Bessy! I really appreciate that you took the time to hear me out and actually guide me through the whole process. I really feel that, you know life, in my twenties as in so scary anymore.

In Siobhan's Own Words:

I spent countless hours googling how I could fix my resume on the Internet, but it turned out all I needed was Bessy. Bessy was super helpful and was able to take out a lot of the guesswork and really have concrete things to say about my resume and we could figure out how to reword  things together.

Bear in mind that the Resume Revamp package is not having Bessy do your resume for you. It's a collaborative open process where you can bounce ideas off of each other and figure out what you like in your current job and how you can advance in your career.

I'm really excited that she gave me tips on how to communicate with my coworkers and my supervisor and it's made my life and worked much easier. After reading through the blog posts on I was super interested and I knew I just had to talk to Bessy.

I sent her an email and we scheduled a time to chat over Google Hangouts.

We spent around an hour, an hour and a half, talking about my career goals, our backgrounds and  how tech companies operate. I work in a nonprofit currently and I love it, but I'm always curious to know what it's like working for a tech company, especially since I live in Seattle.

It was super great and we got to connect and  think about whether I would like to pursue a different type of career in the next couple of years and how I could  work on my resume currently and build up skills.

In the future if I do decide to move to tech that I can have a better chance of getting in.

The process again by sending Bessy a couple of versions of my recipe. I went deep deep into my Google drive and found versions of my resume 2014 before I had graduated from college, 2016 after I graduated from college, and a current draft that I was working on.

We went deep into my career history. We talked about each job and internship that I've ever had - what I liked about it, what I didn't like about it, and the projects that I've done.

It was really useful to dive deep into my skills and figure out how I can present myself as a great candidate.

Apart from actually working on a new resume, I was very interested in learning more about Bessy's experiences working in tech and also how I could make myself a better candidate for future job applications and grow in my career. Bessy has really great work life balance - something that I would really love to emulate.

I met Bessy through Instagram's Crazy Rich Asians Hashtag. I was browsing through the hashtag after I had done an interview with Henry Golding and John M. Chu and I wanted to see what other types of interviews that they've done and I found Bessy's picture with them.  It was super cool!

So I found out that Bessy works at Google, she loves to travel, she loves to eat, and she's from Hong Kong. So I was interested in her life and actually clicked the link in her bio and found her website

It came at a great time because I was  thinking about seeking out help from a career coach and thinking about what I wanted in the next couple of years in my life!

Working with Bessy was worth every penny - you don't meet people who are in your corner and eager to share everything they know with you very often. She's effortlessly friendly,  has a great sense of humor, AND is intimidating in the best way possible - she truly knows what she's doing, and will call you out when needed, with a whole lot of love.

I lovingly refer to her as my career coach, but most of the time, I think of her as my career whisperer (how cheesy). I'd 100% recommend working with Bessy, you won't regret it.

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Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps busy professionals get into their dream non-tech job in tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Lyft, Amazon, Babbel, & More. She currently works at Google in Chicago.