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Project Manager in Consulting turned Program Manager at Facebook

"I tried to solve this previously through attempting to network and talking to the right people, but I was continuously falling short of getting through the final rounds in interviews. 

I had been thinking of working with a career coach or interview prep, but I was just having a difficult time having someone with the right experience that can helped me.

Bessy's background really stood out to me because she had successfully made a career transition into tech. And I really liked that she offered so many resources and training materials upfront.

I was able to feel a lot more confident in my interviews, have very succinct answers that were tailored to the job and the role, and ended up landing the job within one week!"

Data Analyst at Real Estate Firm turned Data Engineer at Facebook/Netflix

"Bessy really took the time to get to know my background and stories and my goals. This is unlike other people I've talked to, they just provide the very generic solution for your problem.

 I ended up getting an offer for one of the companies and getting 2x in my overall pay. I was finally able to work in a company I like, a FAANG company , and one I've been dreaming of working at for so many years!

Marketing at a Bank turned Account Executive in LinkedIn

"The overall process was very strategic. It helped me know more about myself - what I’m interested, what really fits me, and where I wanted to go.

I learned so much Bessy, and this coaching program is definitely something I recommend for people who want to land a job in tech, for people who are thinking of making a career change, if you need any help with the interviews or if you need any help with the resume."

Associate Market Manager to Tech Startup then Salesforce


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Bessy. Bessy is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and is an expert in helping clients navigate all of the intricacies and obstacles associated with the job search. Prior to working with Bessy, I found the job search process incredibly daunting. I had casually sent out close to a hundred resumes with little to no response.

Bessy guided me in identifying exactly what was important to me in my next role, helped me shape my resume to become much more focused and robust and encouraged me to tap into by network and learn about the careers and responsibilities of those around me. 

With Bessy’s expert guidance, I received responses on my updated resumes almost immediately and was able to secure job offers with every company I interviewed with. I have recently started a new position in ad tech. This company is the #2 revenue generating exchange partner after Google and I am really excited to be in such a fast growing startup. I absolutely love it and I am so grateful to Bessy for helping get me here."

Operations Coordinator Resume Revamp for Recruiting Coordinator

"Bessy's criteria for career success helped me suss my life out..While having an updated resume has been immensely helpful (!) - I have gained clarity regarding my strengths and how I want to leverage them in my future career - the true value of Bessy's time is her genuine curiosity in getting to know you better as a person and dedication to helping you set & meet your goals. She'll help keep you accountable.

Working with Bessy was worth every penny - you don't meet people who are in your corner and eager to share everything they know with you very often. She's effortlessly friendly,  has a great sense of humor, AND is intimidating in the best way possible - she truly knows what she's doing, and will call you out when needed, with a whole lot of love.

I lovingly refer to her as my career coach, but most of the time, I think of her as my career whisperer (how cheesy). I'd 100% recommend working with Bessy, you won't regret it." 


Associate Digital Marketing Manager turned Representative at Marketing Research/Consulting Firm


“Bessy was really helpful with editing and customizing my resume to fit the tech industry! She was also extremely supportive over the past 3 months with interview prep and just the overall stress of job hunting. Through her help I was able to get interviews with Amazon within 1 month and Lyft in two weeks!” — Amy*

Facebook and Alibaba interviews In 2 weeks

Assistant E-commerce & CRM Manager to Final Interviews at Google


“Bessy’s training in interview skills is extremely well-planned and detailed. I am a lot clearer about my own strengths and weaknesses by following her advice when we prepared for my interview step by step. Also, she is an expert in tech company’s hiring requirements, she gives a lot of insight that an outsider couldn’t tell. Personality wise, she is caring and very encouraging - making me feel super confident after the whole preparation process.

With her help I got interviews for Facebook and Alibaba interviews In 2 weeks, final rounds at Google, and got to speak to a director at Emarsys, another global tech company. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her!"


Communications Intern turned Account Manager at Google then Airtable


"Bessy has support my career growth by helping me stay focused on answering the right questions. I have a tendency to think about the long term future but not the short term changes I can consider making. With her help, I was able to stay grounded and transform my career one step at a time. One of the steps towards pursuing a career in the arts was to pursue a "20% project" with designing infographics, decks, and other external-facing communication materials for Google Hong Kong.

Project Manager


"I found my meeting with Bessy really useful and often come back to it to reset my mindset in my approach to the job hunt. I also found Bessy's frank approach to advice as well as the fact that she's clearly done a lot of work herself on her own personal career path journey really useful"



Chicago, Illinois


  • Laurie
  • LUCY - Facebook

“If I stayed with my initial approach, I would 100% still be at my old job because I would still just be in the same cycle of passively trying and then thinking, “This isn’t working. No one wants to hire me! But with your help, I was able to land my ideal job on my first try!”

- Laurie 

 Travel > Startup > Account Exec, SalesForce


Bessy Tam is a career coach who helps busy professionals (like you!) get your dream non-tech job in tech. She’s helped dozens of clients get interviews and offers from companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Lyft, Amazon, Alibaba, Startups, & more.

She currently works at Google and plans to helps as many people as possible to get their dream job in tech.


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