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VIDEO: The Perfect Cover Letter

Published on 9 June 2019 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Uncategorized

I get this question a lot - Do I need a cover letter? What does a great cover letter look like?


Today's topic is about cover letters. What is a cover letter? What is inside of the cover letter if you need to write one and the exact process exact on how to research and build the perfect cover letter.

And this video actually screenshares one of the coaching calls that I have with my student, Angela, to prepare for her a referral into Square. She got the opportunity to get a referral from one of the informational interviews that she had gotten through the strategies that I taught her.

So first off, if you want to learn about that, feel free to go back to my channel, to search for informational interview or the five questions you should ask for informational interview in order to understand that process.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I've  helped a lot of students get referrals, interviews and job offers at companies like Lyft, Facebook, Google, L2, Uber, and you name it. This is something that  I'm super passionate about not only because I'm in tech right now, seeing first-hand how applicants and friends struggle to get a job in tech. But also because this is something I actually went through myself before, moving from marketing into tech.

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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is basically the introduction that you send to the hiring manager or recruiter or anyone who is the actual the recipient to decide whether or not they should do a phone call interview or the initial screening with you.

This can also work whether it's after the first or second interviews just because they want to get to know you.

Essentially it's an introduction and an email for you to say, "Hello, I am Bessy, I'm an Account Manager at Google and I specialize in these, these, these areas in marketing or in finance, whatever field you are in. And then you can showcase different traits as to why you're a perfect candidate."

Do you Need a Cover Letter?

So one of the few misconceptions that my students or anyone that I talk to would have is whether or not you would need a cover letter. 

First off, you make an impression to somebody within 6 seconds. And this is a scientific fact, someone actually makes a judgment of you within 6 seconds. Most people actually don't do cover letters and I've seen that when I interview candidates both when I was in Google Hong Kong as well as here in Google Chicago. I see that and it gives me an impression that they weren't willing to go to the next step, right? They weren't willing to kind of customize their approach and tell us why they're a great fit. Maybe they're just blasting their resume, I don't know.

But when you do have a resume and a cover letter, it really leaves a great impression even though it's only a six second view of the candidate or six second view of you.

Secondly, that's why I always say that with my strategies. You actually don't need to apply to a hundred different companies and blast it, and basically wish that your interview will come in. That's really tiring, right?

With my strategies, it's always a very strategic approach where  my student Angela would basically get a referral opportunities and therefore craft a cover letter based off of those conversations. So if you haven't seen those videos, make sure you do that. it's on my channel to talk about why you should have informational interviews and different questions that you can ask during information interviews. So using that information that you've learned about the company and basically in the, in the next 15 minutes or so [in the video] you'll be seeing exactly how I walk through with Angela on how to research and use the information that she got from the information interview as well as information online to craft the best cover letter.

My Advice For You

In the end, it's very important to customize your story through cover letters because every company and every team are very different. So your cover letter has to be directed specifically to that role and specifically to that team. If you don't it, the recruiters can feel it and they can see that it's a, it's a one size fit all approach and they don't really have idea that you understand what they want or that you're really into the job by itself.

By doing the research (like I do in the video)  you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and also be able to ensure that you have a very, very high chance of getting the interview, even passing the interviews because you know exactly what they want and what the company is about.

So without further ado, you've learned about what it is. Why is it important, why it's important to do research. Watch the video to see exactly how I walked Angela through the research process. Again, make sure you su you do to stick around to the end so that you can get the exact template that I provide my students on making the perfect cover letters.

Subscribe to Get the Exact Template to Write the Perfect Cover Letter and Get 2 FREE BONUSES.. Real-Life Cover Letters That Got My Students Their Interviews:

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