Getting into Amazon as an Industrial Engineer – Tolu’s Story | Life In Tech by Bessy Tam

Getting into Amazon as an Industrial Engineer – Tolu’s Story

Published on 30 January 2021 by Bessy Tam | Filed in Testimonials

Tolu is an Industrial Engineer and used Bessy’s all-in-one program to land a job at Amazon.

In the All-in-One program, Bessy and Tolu were able to:

  • Identify the right role for her, with her Industrial Engineering background
  • Revamp her resume tailored to the best practices of Industrial Engineering in Tech
  • Walk through outreach strategies to gain referrals & ace interviews with “insider” insights
  • Do mock interviews tailored to the role
  • Land final interviews for Tesla, Amazon, Apple, and other Internal departments
  • Walk through the negotiation strategies

In the end, she was able to land a role in Amazon and got everything that she wanted!

  • Land a job during COVID
  • Transition into tech
  • Be in an innovative team that fosters diversity, support internal mobility, and is global (so she can travel to her family in Nigeria)
  • Move from New Jersey to California, closer to her sister and friends
  • Negotiate a 65% higher salary than her current compensation

Want to hear more? I'll leave it to Tolu to tell you about her experiences in this video or in the transcript below:


Last year, I started looking for a job. I wanted to elevate my position because I saw that at that point in my current position, I would peak at my learning and the impact.

Basically on a weekly basis, I was doing the same thing. I could literally close my eyes and knew what was happening next December.

That's how bad it was.

Personally, I get bored easily; I like the learning process and after I learn, I like to see the implementation.

In my current job, I didn't get to see the implementation of what I learned. So I started looking for other jobs to see where I can make a bigger impact.

I reached out to a smart friend, and he encouraged me to go to Afrotech so that I could:

  • communicate and connect with people 
  • learn about what’s in the industry
  • Understand what is needed for me to go to the next role an next level

This was good because it got me out of my usual groove of applying online. Fast forward to half a year later, I had spoken to my manager because I’m an international person who needed immigration support and an H1-B visa or green card.

I had just gotten my H1-B visa so I was discussing with my boss about what was the potential of me getting a green card through my company.

And I got feedback that it wasn't going to be possible. It was an “in the air” uncertainty of them not knowing what’s going to happen in five years.

I thought to myself that I’m not going to wait five years to find out what the company was going to do with my life.

So I decided to take charge. I looked back into all my discussions and started to really search specifically for tech jobs. 

Why Tolu Hired Bessy

I had been doing a lot of searches for the tech industry, including job searches.

One random day, I was scrolling through my Instagram and then I saw an advertisement about Bessy’s free 10 day program to get into tech.

And I figured that I had nothing to lose since it was free, so I joined it.

After that, I reached out because I saw the benefit of what she was showing us. Yes, I've done some of these processes before but I didn't have a structure that allowed me to get the results that I wanted.

Previously I would just apply for a bunch of jobs and then not follow up for a couple of weeks or till the next week. This was detrimental to the process because I wasn't consistent and I didn’t know what was going on until next week.

So I didn’t know how to change quickly.

Applying to tech companies but
getting crickets? I’ve been there!

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Working with Bessy

Getting Accountability with Weekly Commitments

I reached out to Bessy to have a free strategy call, and then started the process in May

It’s great that I reached out because now I need to get into the groove of actually keeping up and doing something every week. This made a difference compared to my previous search.

With Bessy, we were working weekly. We have weekly commitments.

I have a role to play - We would have all these deliverables for the week before our calls. Even if I didn't get everything done, at least I did something.

This made huge difference compared to me before.

And if you’re going to come into the program, you need to be ready to work. Bessy can give you all these strategies, but you have to do the work and you have to be prepared to do it.

Outreaching Strategies and Referrals

Fast forward to the first week of working with Bessy, I got an Amazon interview and we prepped for it.

Initially, I didn't feel like I was ready for the position.

1. Outreaching the Right Way

Bessy has steps where you do the outreach to prepare for interviews and learn more about the role. I went through that and said to myself, “Oh my God, this is horrible.”

My process with Bessy compared to my process before Bessy was that before, I didn't have a structure to these conversations.

I was communicating but not on LinkedIn. I definitely was not using LinkedIn

And when I did reach out to people, I wasn't able to extend the conversation past by maybe a couple of lines.

And then I was reaching out to only Nigerians because obviously it was easier for me as a Nigerian, but I didn't go out of that space.

My approach would be, “Oh, you're Nigerian, you work in the company that I want one to work in.”

2. Speaking to People in the Target Teams and Roles

Instead, Bessy’s strategies allow you to actually talk to people in the team that you're trying to get into. So if you're trying to look for a role, you would be talking to those people in those roles, not just the recruiter that probably isn't even connected to that team

I spoke to the first person and called Bessy immediately because I felt like it was the worst call ever.

But it was good to do it because it got me out of the mindset that people aren’t willing to talk to you about what they do. But, I found out through Bessy’s process that people will talk to you.

It’s all about tailoring the content that you’re saying which Bessy provides a structure and script for this.

3. Structuring the conversations to get the right information

So we went over the outreach strategies, going over what I should say and how we should approach different questions after they or I say one thing.

This way you don’t seem like you’re interviewing the person and the person would be more willing to talk about their story. They will also give you a lot of things that you didn't even expect coming into the conversation.

It was great that Bessy was able to provide the structure.

Building Stories with Results and Metrics

This process didn't just help my job search. They helped me out at work in my job too.

We had written down things that I'd done that I had put on the side previously.

I would think to myself, “Oh yeah, [that experience in Industrial Engineering is] not a big deal.”

But then when you're having conversations, Bessy would tell me, “You should write this as a story.”

This was one of the biggest components that really helped me because previously, I had no confidence at all. So Bessy’s methods allowed me to see that and at the same time, allowed me to relate to the people that I was talking to.

Landing Tesla, Apple, and Amazon Interviews

In 3 months, I had a first interview with Tesla which I failed but I'm also happy that I didn’t get it.

Because of Bessy’s process, I was able to find out what type of person I was talking to during the interviews. And I personally didn't even want to work for him even if I did well in that interview.

I think a month after we restructured and did my resume again. We were also able to restructure our strategy. At this point I got an Apple invite for an interview with a recruiter and then I got an Amazon interview. 

We prepared everything for Apple as well as another internal interview too. We landed to final rounds which is amazing. At that point including before I worked with Bessy, I hadn’t gotten any feedback or any interviews. 

Even though it wasn’t the right fit since it was an analyst role and I’m in industrial engineering, it was a really great boost of confidence and experience.

Landing a job at Amazon & Negotiating a 65% Raise

Finally, I landed the Amazon interview and I’ve been in the process of interviewing for 3 months now, and finally got the offer.

Bessy also helped me to negotiate. The first initial offer was 40% over my current total compensation.

The job I have right now is my first job I’ve had. And I didn't negotiate at my first job because I didn’t know what to do.

With Bessy’s methods, I was able to ask confidently because now I'm approaching it differently:
I know what I'm bringing to the table
I’m able to understand that I'm not begging the company
and the company already thinks that I have something to offer.

The structure that Bessy provided is very conversational, so it didn’t seem like we were arguing over my negotiations.

It ended up being pretty easy to negotiate with Bessy’s help. I did it twice and I was able to get a very high compensation structure at 65% above my current compensation in my current company.

Who would Tolu Recommend Bessy’s Programs to?

People Who Are Willing to Learn

The process that Bessy guides you through works but you have to put in a lot of hard work.

There’s only so much that Bessy can do . She can give you all the structure but you have to be willing to work with her and also be willing to work for yourself.

In the end, this is for yourself

I would refer this program to anyone.


I would refer this to any international person because one thing I realized as an international is that our culture makes us more reclined. We don't like to talk about our successes. We don’t like to tlak about what we’ve done.

Not only do we not like talking about it, we even delete this away from our minds so we don’t even know that we need to talk about it. This was a very big problem for me.

So going through this process, I was able to build a lot of confidence. The more you talk to people using Bessy’s outreach strategies, the more you realize you’ve done a lot. And you believe that actually you’re doing a lot for your current company even if they don’t appreciate you right now.

This process gives you a lot of confidence while you’re at work but also outside of work.

Anyone Trying to Leave a Traditional Company

I would recommend this also to anyone that is trying to leave a traditional company to tech because that's what Bessy actually is doing herself.

So if you want to go to tech, go to Bessy.

Applying to tech companies but
getting crickets? I’ve been there!

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