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You’re frustrated in your job living everyday in "Survival Mode" 
You don’t have the sense of ownership you want
There’s no upward mobility
Ultimately, you are ambitious with goals to earn more money,

help more people, and even to move internationally in a year or two

But why should you get into the tech industry?


I was a marketer before I got into tech and was in the same boat as you - frustrated about the opportunities in my company, didn’t know how to get my foot in the door in the tech industry, needed guidance about what was out there.

After a crazy journey, I got into Google, got promoted 2 times in 2 years, got to travel to 9 different countries for work, and managed to relocate internationally to a new country. Now I want to share all my secrets with you both from my personal experiences and as an interviewer myself. 

I’ve helped dozens of people get interviews and jobs of their dreams in tech and I want to do the same for you! 



Get your foot in the door, revamp your resume tailored to the tech industry and your ideal role. Learn where your “natural entry point” is for an ideal tech role


Gain a network with guaranteed referrals and interviews in 3 months. Find out  what tech companies are looking for & how to stand out among millions of applicants


Set yourself up for success to get the salary, support, exposure, and clarity you need in the first 30-60-90 days


Transition into your dream location and role internally or externally.


I spent countless hours googling how I could fix my resume on the Internet, but it turned out all I needed was Bessy. Bessy was super helpful and was able to take out a lot of the guesswork and really have concrete things to say about my resume and we could figure out how to reword  things together

Working with Bessy was worth every penny - you don't meet people who are in your corner and eager to share everything they know with you very often. She's effortlessly friendly,  has a great sense of humor, AND is intimidating in the best way possible - she truly knows what she's doing, and will call you out when needed, with a whole lot of love.

SIOBHANFrom Operations in a Non-Profit to Recruiting/HR in Tech

Everyone knows that your resume should be very results-oriented but I didn't necessarily how to structure or phrase it in the best way possible.

If I stayed with my initial approach, I would 100% still be at my old job because I would still just be in the same cycle of passively trying and then thinking, “This isn’t working. No one wants to hire me! But with your help, I was able to land my ideal job on my first try!

Without [Bessy], I would've tried multiple times now and become increasingly dejected because I felt like I wasn't the candidate any of these companies was looking for.

LAURIEFrom Marketing in Travel to Account Executive in AdTech Startup


Get the FREE 7-day email course + example resumes
that got my students their first tech interviews in 2 weeks!

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Get my Free 7-Day Email Course + Example Resume
that got my students their first tech interviews in 2 weeks!